Robert W. LaBre, J.D. & William L. LaBre, J.D., M.A

Excellence is our standard.

Robert W. LaBre, J.D.

Robert W. LaBre, J.D.

One question you must ask yourself before choosing an attorney is whether this person cares about your case.

We take pride in our service to our clients and hold ourselves to the standard of excellence. We want you to leave this office feeling educated, looked after, and with a firm grip as to your case’s status. At the initial consult, we will sit down and discuss your facts, the applicable law and create a course of action. Throughout your case we will keep you updated with its status and treat you with fairness and respect.

You can (and should) expect the attorneys to be knowledgeable on the law. Truth is, both attorneys love to study. Attorney Robert LaBre graduated from Lee Honor’s College at Western Michigan University and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa during his undergraduate education. Immediately after graduating from Michgian State University School of Law, Attorney Robert LaBre was published in the Michigan Bar Journal, a publication read by attorneys licensed in the State of Michigan. Attorney William LaBre holds a Bachelor’s of Arts, a Master’s in Divinity, and a Law Degree from Notre Dame. During his undergraduate education he studied philosophy and scored second on the continent (United States and Canada) on the Graduate Record Examination Advanced Test.

Both attorneys know the community. Both Attorney Robert LaBre and Attorney William LaBre are fourth degree members of the Knights of Columbus. Attorney Robert LaBre, given his military history in the Marine Corps and National Guard, serves as
the Judge Advocate for both the VFW and American Legion posts located in Edwardsburg, Michigan. Attorney William LaBre is a past president of the Edwardsburg Chamber of Commerce and Cass County Bar Association. They are both members of the Cass County Bar Association. The law firm also has ties with the Berrien County Bar Association, Elkhart Bar Association and St. Joseph County, Indiana Bar Association.

In court, our attorneys are prepared and professional. They are courteous to everyone, knowledgable about the facts of the case and applicable law, and are ready to handle the various obstacles that arise during contested litigation. This is a philosophy both attorneys carry with them everyday. And they have a proven track record of success at trial, even when the odds are stacked against them. Before college, Attorney Robert LaBre served active duty in the Marines, initially with the infantry and later with 2d Recon Battalion. Both attorneys plan for the worst and expose opportunities as they occur during the fluid situations trial provides.

William L. LaBre, J.D., M.A.

William L. LaBre, J.D., M.A.

Our team takes time to answer your questions. At the LaBre Law Office, your case will be handled with care. This law firm believes in the principle that excellence is the standard.*

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