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When a family member can no longer manage their own affairs and they did not create a power of attorney, the LaBre Law Office can assist their loved ones in filing for legal guardianship. For clients in both Michigan and Indiana, guardianships allow one family member to make decisions for another who may be a minor, developmentally disabled, or incapacitated. Establishing a guardianship for such individuals protects their interests, assets and prevents them from becoming a victim of fraud or theft.

We also handle fiduciary disputes concerning guardianships. It’s common for disagreements to arise during the process of establishing a guardian for a loved one. For example, we’ve seen disagreements break out concerning where a guardianship petition should be filed. The prospective ward lives primarily in the Michiana area, but has a Florida “snow-bird” home. Where do you file? Other times we’ve handled disagreements between interested persons about who should be the guardian or whether the current guardian should remain in place.

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Contact our attorneys to discuss your family’s needs. Our experienced lawyers have been assisting clients with their legal needs in both Michigan and Indiana since 1978. We offer the communities we proudly serve a high level of knowledge and competence at a value that larger firms cannot compete with.  Call us today and schedule a consultation to learn how we can help your family protect your loved one.*

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