Do I need a lawyer to set up a guardianship?

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A lawyer is your guide through the process of establishing a guardianship for your loved one. The Court’s rules of procedure can make it tricky to fill out the appropriate forms, file them with the court, and have them properly served on all interested parties.

Furthermore, a lawyer will know the appropriate experts to contact to evaluate your loved one and testify in court so that the hearing to establish your loved one’s incapacity or developmental disability moves smoothly.

A lawyer will also be helpful if you and another relative disagree on who should become the guardian. That’s because of the multiple factors the court considers when deciding who’s best suited to handle the responsibility. An experienced attorney who knows the law will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing positions, help counsel you through the decisions you face, and diligently litigate your case, if need be.

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