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The Stakes are High if You Have Been Arrested or Accused of Criminal Charges in SW Michigan / Northern Indiana. We Will Listen to the Facts of Your Case, Protect Your Rights, and Prove Your Defense. We Help Get Your Life Back to Normal.

Get The Best Defense For Your Case

If you or a loved one have recently been arrested or are being investigated for a crime, odds are you’re feeling stressed, anxious, and scared. The uncertainty of what to do next when you have been accused of a criminal offense can be paralyzing – at a time when it is imperative you take immediate action. The right first step you need to take is to contact me. Labre Law provides dedicated and effective defense for our clients through every step of the process.

Aspects of Criminal Defense We Assist You With

Whether you are potentially facing an arrest, trial or investigation involving the FBI, IRS, DEA, United States Attorney’s Office, District Attorney’s Office or the Michigan State Police Department, you need to ensure you take the proper steps to protect yourself. Experienced Criminal Defense Law Firm Labre Law will help you formulate a proactive, effective, and aggressive defense to resolve your case with a positive outcome.

Labre Law knows those who have been charged have lots at stake and that’s why they are dedicated to helping clients in a wide variety of matters.

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Why Choose LaBre Law?

Free Consultation

Accusations can ruin lives. Let us Help. We do consultations by phone and virtually.

Personalized Attention

We understand and respect that every client’s needs are unique. We treat all of our clients with the attention they deserve.

Proven Track Record of Success at Trial

While often the goal is to avoid trial, when we do take a case into court, we are proud of our high success rate even when the odds are stacked against us.

Proven Track Record of Success at Trial

While often the goal is to avoid trial, when we do take a case into court, we are proud of our high success rate even when the odds are stacked against us.

Highly Reviewed & Rated

A+ BBB Rated, Over 60 Google Reviews.

We Keep You Updated

Transparency is key. We want you to know what’s happening with your case at all points in the process.

Highly Responsive

We pride ourselves in fast response times when communicating with you. We will never let your questions or concerns go unaddressed.

Flexible Meeting Times

To accommodate your busy schedule.


Our approach focuses on efficiency and speed to resolve cases as quickly as we can so you can put this nerve-racking situation behind you.

Where We Serve You

Our office is in Edwardsburg, but we accept cases throughout Southwest Michigan & Northern Indiana including South Bend. Because we do consultations by phone and virtually it is not required to come into our office.

No Case Is Too Difficult or Complex

This is where tenacity and knowledge of the law matters. We do what is necessary even in difficult cases.

2nd Opinions Available

Already have a lawyer? We can provide you with a 2nd opinion on your case.

Straight Shooters

You’ve made an important decision in your life. We respect you for that. Our approach focuses on efficiency and speed to resolve cases as quickly as we can to get your life back to normal sooner.

Available 24/7

The Michigan police arrest people 24/7 – So we answer the phone 24/7

Caring & Compassionate (truly)

We’re sorry for what happened to you or your loved one. Our team is incredibly experienced, and they truly understand the complications that Criminal Charges can bring upon a family.

The penalties for Criminal Charges

Charges vary depending on whether the charge is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony as well as whether it is a first offense or a repeat offense.

Outcomes vary due to a variety of factors and circumstances and may include:

Client Reviews – LaBre Law Office

June 20, 2018

Expertise in the handling of my case

I would like to say Thank You for your knowledge and expertise in the handling of my case. Should I need an attorney in the future I will call your office first.

Posted by Kristen

May 26, 2018

Found Our Lawyer

My husband and I are moving to Michigan from Chicago and were looking for a local attorney to update our wills. Rob handled our wills and explained every step of the probate process. I am a legal secretary in Chicago and have worked with lawyers for 45 years. We are very pleased to find such a knowledgeable, professional lawyer who we are comfortable with and confident that he can handle any future legal issues we may have.

Posted by Chris & Ken

July 1, 2017

Beyond grateful

Working with Robert was a privilege. Although there were times of uncertainty, he helped my family and me remain optimistic. He is the kind of person that leaves no stone unturned in efforts to help his clients. My family and I are beyond grateful for what he has done for us.

Posted by Deangelo Yurcek

June 2, 2018

Your guidance is second to none

I had a consultation with Robert LaBre and it was the best decision I ever made. You can tell when someone doesn’t care and let me tell you he is certainly not that person or firm. The 1 hour I spent with him changed the course of my business and daily life. Since I have met with Robert LaBre my business has been on a serious incline. Thank you LaBre Law office for giving me 100% when we met. Your guidance is second to none. I suggest anyone and everyone inquire about his services, glad I did. Still astonished by his attention to detail and business sense. Thank you LaBre Law Offices.

Posted by Dowagiac

February 2017

He gave us peace of mind about our dilemma

Robert is a all around great guy. He helped us in a time of need without judging our situation, tried relating his own life experiences with our situation making us feel comfortable, and was so down to earth and honestly he helped us come up with a total plan of action not only to help our case but to help us be more successful in our future so we hopefully won’t end up back in his office. The staff was kind and very helpful and pleasant. The office was clean and inviting. He gave us peace of mind about our dilemma and gave us total confidence in our case. It’s rare to find a business man, especially a lawyer, now a days with the kind heart, true respect and really cares about his clients, their problems and their future. So thank you Robert, you have given us faith that there are still honest kind and caring people out there in this dog eat dog world. I would recommend you to everyone. Thank you again and don’t ever lose that old school touch you and your office and staff possess. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Posted by Kristin

Actual Words Clients Have Used to Describe Us & Their Experience:

“Responded Quickly Any Time I Had A Question Or Concern”, “Explained Everything Completely”, “Very Quick And Easy Process”, “Focused On Client Priorities For The Outcome”, “Knew The Law”, “Honest, Genuine, And Professional”, “Very Prompt With Appt”, “Was Able To Adapt His Approach To Our Case Throughout The Process”, “Answered All Of Our Questions Clearly And Through”, “Always Checked In With Me And Kept Me Updated”, “Very Caring, Passionate, Dedicated, Knowledgeable”, “Ultimately We Won Our Case”, “Most Professional Lawyer I’ve Ever Had”, “Was Able To Get My Case Closed Early”, “Payed Close Attention To Detail”, “Really Got To Know My Case”, “Great Lawyer And Great Person”, “Price Was Extremely Fair”, “Had My Back”, “Worked Hard For Me”, “Gets Right To The Point And Tells You What Can Happen”, “Understood The Urgency Of Our Situation”, “Solved My Dilemma Quickly”, “Worked With Me After Hours And Some Late Nights Due To My Work Schedule”, “Very Involved In Every Facet His Case”, “Leaves No Stone Unturned”

If these things are what you are looking for in a law firm then contact us to see if we are right for your situation and how we can help you.

Questions or to Schedule a Case Consultation

Your Future Is Literally On The Line

A conviction can change the course of your entire life. It can cause damage to your reputation, your job or your career prospects. Being accused of a crime is a harrowing experience. Many experience public shame and humiliation and do not know where to turn for help.

What To Do Right Now

Since time is critical to ensure the best defense, call us at (269) 431-2058 or Complete The Form on this page above to schedule a free initial consultation. Tell us what happened. All information is confidential. Don’t wait, explore your options, get your questions answered and take the necessary action to secure your future.

Our Location – Serving SW Michigan / North Central Indiana

We help families both locally within and near the SW Michigan / Northern Indiana border. Clients come to us from Edwardsburg, Niles, Eau Claire, South Bend, Elkhart, Bristol, Buchanan, Sumnerville, Cassopolis, Dowagiac, Williamsville, Lydick, Jamestown, Dunlap, Gulivoire Park and surrounding areas.

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