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When you think about an annulment, you may think of someone going to Vegas, having a great time, maybe too good of a time, and returning married. This is how annulments are portrayed in every movie, what is important to remember is that annulments are much more common than publicly perceived.

An annulment is different than a divorce because it basically states that the marriage never existed, it is cancelled or erased legally. Many people often think that an annulment is an alternative for divorce simply due to the short duration of the marriage. This is a common misconception. There must be legal grounds for annulment.

Common grounds for annulment include:

  • Either person was already married
  • Either person was forced into the marriage
  • Underage marriage
  • Mental illness or incapacity
  • Marriage is prohibited by law, in most instances this is incestuous marriage
  • Inability to consummate the marriage

If you are thinking about an annulment, it is important to remember you need to consult with a lawyer first. Our attorneys are here for you throughout the process and long after your annulment is finalized. We have the experience, resources, and skills required to assist you through this process.

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