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Child Support

Navigating The Details And Enforcement of a Parenting Plan Is Better With a Trusted Ally.

Child Support

The process of going from a dual income household to one with just yourself is hard and overwhelming. When you are responsible for raising children, that stress and anxiety grows exponentially. Being a parent is hard enough, you should not have to worry how you’ll care for the children financially.

Our law firm meticulously fights for an outcome that allows you to raise your child in a safe and healthy environment. Child support will be outlined in the parenting plan you and your ex-spouse agree to.

As you begin to develop your parenting plan, remember these considerations when it comes to child support:

  • Age of the children
  • Income
  • Amount of time with each parent
  • Expenses
  • Medical costs
  • Daycare costs
  • Special Needs

Once the court has issued the parenting plan, child support payments can be modified if there is a justified reason, such as a substantial change in cost of health insurance, job loss, illness, decrease or increase in expenses, or additional income.

Remember, you don’t need to create your parenting plan alone. Trust our experienced team of attorneys, we are committed to providing you a positive experience all while seamlessly handling the meticulous details.

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