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What Makes a Good Divorce Attorney?

November 29, 2021 – Rob LaBre

When you’re facing a divorce, it can seem overwhelming to start the legal process by hiring a divorce lawyer.

From spousal support to parenting time to division of property, there’s a lot to think about when choosing the right Cass County divorce attorney. Knowing what to look for can make this research process easier so that you can ultimately feel confident in your selection of divorce lawyer. A good divorce attorney is one with the experience, the care, and a regular portion of their cases related to divorce.

When should I look for a divorce attorney near me?

If you are thinking about filing for divorce yourself or if your spouse has indicated their intention to file shortly, you need to take proactive steps to get your own Michiana divorce attorney. It can seem confusing to figure out how to find a good divorce attorney, especially if you don’t want to speak publicly yet about your decision to divorce.

Meeting with a Cass County divorce attorney does not obligate you to file for divorce; the initial meeting can be used for you to ask questions and gather information. Once you know when you intend to file or if the other spouse has already filed, you’ll have the basic information needed to figure out how to choose a divorce attorney. The sooner you speak with a lawyer, the easier it will be for you to take the important next steps.

What type of lawyer do I need for child custody?

Most parents want to know right away “How do I get custody of my child?” Both Michigan parenting time laws and Indiana parenting time guidelines encourage judges to evaluate the individual family dynamics to determine what arrangement is in the best interests of the child. When searching for a “top rated child custody attorney near me” seek out a law firm with extensive experience in representing parents in child custody cases.

Child custody is a complex and very important component of your divorce. It’s also very personal to you, so it’s important to find child custody lawyers with broad knowledge about the child custody laws in Michigan and Indiana. Most judges are inclined to allow for joint custody or shared parenting unless there is a specific reason not to. That being said, it’s important to have an advocate for your parenting time.

When recommending parenting arrangements in Michigan or Indian, judges look at factors such as:

  • The child’s relationship with each parent
  • Each parent’s overall fitness and parenting time up to this point
  • The child’s ability to thrive on a daily basis with school and regular activities

The court’s perception of your relationship with your child will certainly influence your ability to receive valuable parenting time. It can be very nerve-wracking to head into court knowing that your time with your family is at stake and you need an experienced divorce lawyer there to guide you through this.

What is spousal support?

Another key concern for most people getting divorced in Michigan and Indiana is spousal support. Spousal support is not automatic and is evaluated at a case by case level by the judge. One party might ask for spousal support and the other disagrees with it, but it is up to both of those parties to present evidence as to their arguments about spousal support.

Spousal support involves payments made from one spouse to another to help that spouse adjust to life on their own. Especially when one spouse has given up career or educational opportunities to support their spouse or the entire family, spousal support might be ordered as a way to get that spouse back on their feet. In some circumstances, it can be ordered as a payment for an ongoing period.

Both spouses will, of course, have a vested interest in whether or not spousal support awards are given and what those look like. This makes it even more important to retain a knowledgeable Cass County divorce lawyer to help protect your interests in this phase of the case.

From figuring out how long spousal support lasts to determining whether temporary or long-term spousal support might apply in your case, you need the help of an experienced lawyer to help guide you through the process.

What to look for in a divorce lawyer

Ultimately, this lawyer will be very involved in your family matters, so you need to feel confident in their ability to handle your case with care and compassion. Other things to look for when seeking out a Cass County divorce attorney include:

  • Depth of experience in handling divorce cases
  • How many divorce cases have been resolved outside of court vs. those that went to trial
  • Knowledge and involvement in child custody cases
  • Understanding of your primary goals with your divorce
  • Communication style

When choosing the best Michigan divorce attorney for you, make use of initial consultations to ask questions and learn more about the legal process. Our office is here to support you during this difficult time.

What Makes a Good Divorce Attorney? Labre Law Office

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